Credit Card Chargeback Protection
Chargebacks can also be frustrating for merchants, though, because some consumers abuse the protective nature of chargeback policies. For this reason, it’s essential that every merchant running an online business has a secure payment service in place that can detect possible security threats before they occur, and that they make the chargeback process as simple as possible when it is justified.

So what do online merchants need to know about chargebacks, and how can a secure payment processing service help? First off, there are ways to prevent legitimate chargebacks from occurring (because they will likely occur at the loss of your business). With an advanced payment service, such as what you will find at PayCertify, payment services include features which detect fraudulent credit cards.

Without these features, you could be held liable for many credit card chargebacks. If you’re conducting transactions globally (or if you hope to do so in the future), you’ll want a payment processing software that can detect these issues in order to process transactions correctly the first time around. This is one of the more confusing parts of online sales and it is not easy to do without the help of a secure payment service. If transactions aren’t processed with the correct price, the merchant may be held liable for any chargebacks.

secure payment system
Last but not least, the best way that merchants can ensure they’re providing customers with the best service possible (without putting their own business in financial jeopardy) is to have detailed records on hand for each purchase, exchange, and return. Credit card chargebacks can be pretty complicated, but accurate detailed records will help you and the credit card company determine if a charge was fraudulent or legitimate.
If you’d like more information about chargebacks, or to learn more about how the payment processing services offered by PayCertify can help your business prevent unnecessary chargebacks, don’t hesitate to contact us!