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If you take transactions through your website or over the phone, PayCertify has an ecosystem that can automate the approval and decline process without any integration for you or friction for your merchant and control fraud BEFORE it happens. Process payments seamlessly and more efficiently for more approvals and less fraud and increase your bottom line today!
PayCertify is the ONLY solution on the market that can tie consumers to transactions and eliminate the front-end fraud while managing the backend mitigation process all through one system in an automated fashion. Stop relying on partial solutions that generate insufficient results and utilize the ONLY solution on the market that can process your travel payments and completely manage your fraud prevention process all under one roof. Supported Categories: Hotel, Event Ticketing, OTAs, Transportation, Airlines.
If you have a business that is considered higher risk due to reputational standards from a bank or you have higher than normal chargebacks the PayCertify system can help you process your payments and eliminate and control potential fraud and chargebacks all in one system. Ecommerce, Adult, Travel, Health and Beauty, Business Services, Web-services, Electronic, Digital, High Tickets, Third Party and many others.
If you have a brick and mortar business and take payments in person or over the phone we can help you. We work with every POS on the market and can help you eliminate the front-end fraud with our gateway and EMV compliant solutions. Card-Present, Card-Not-Present, Phone, Mail, Mobile.

For Merchants

Manage your payment certification cycle

  • Sell through our gateway;
  • Validate your consumer identity;
  • Fraud detection and prevention;
  • Automatically Void, refund and cancel payments;
  • Alert and Chargeback management;

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For Resellers

Resell our services under your own brand

  • 100% white-label platform;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Don’t worry about hosting or maintenance;
  • Use our know-how to leverage your business;
  • Manage your merchants and profits;

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Integrated with some of the most Popular CRMs and Shopping Carts